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Fleet Management

The Operations Department controls and manages the logistics of the fleet and the drivers.

• The Companies main routes are Sasolburg (FS) / Johannesburg (GAUTENG) to Durban (KZN) and
Malelane (MPUMALANGA).
• Other routes are also the North Western Province /
Limpopo Province / Cape Town / Port Elizabeth and the
Free State.
• Stols Vervoer has ventured its business to Swaziland to broaden their services.

• 5 Operator’s manage the total fleet for loading and offloading our client’s products.(1x head planner and 4x Operator’s)
• Each Operator manages a group of drivers and has dedicated Driver Evaluation and Training Managers to assist them.
• Operator’s and Mechanics communicate any form of vehicle trouble immediately to avoid delays of deliveries.
• Clients are kept up to date with all required info.
• We have personnel in Durban at our office that does all the necessary paperwork for Container collections or deliveries required.








Load Confirmations:
• Operators are instructed to receive a load confirmation from a client before a vehicle is dispatched to avoid incorrect loading and offloading addresses.
• All load confirmations must clearly state any additional client requirements and the rate.
• A reference or order number must be given on the load confirmation to enable efficient invoicing or tracking of documents.
• Clients are not allowed to dispatch our drivers/vehicles.
Operator’s work strictly according to Client Credit Limits and have no authority to bypass this Company policy.

Tracking and Diesel:
• All vehicles are fitted with a tracking unit.
• Tracking staff work night and day in this department.
• Any driver that goes off route is immediately contacted and questioned and procedures to correct this are performed.
• Reports and updates are given to the Operations Manager on a daily basis to attend to.
• Diesel is also managed in this department.
• Drivers are not entitled to fill up their tanks without authorisation.
• Strict procedures and equipment are in place for diesel management.

• Drivers are screened and trained to company standards and informed of our strict company policy.
• All Drivers are equipped with full PPE and Haz-chem training.
• Drivers that do not adhere to client or company rules are dealt with through our on sight Labour Department.
• Drivers are instructed to check their loads before off loading and to report any problems immediately.
• Drivers must weigh their loads if a weigh bridge is available on sight, in order to avoid overloading problems.
• A vehicle check list must be worked through by the Driver before he starts his journey.

Happy Drivers make Happy Clients!

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